C++ CHOP : input node cook dependency question!


I have my c++ chop, it has 1 custom parameter, which accepts a dat.
That dat table, has 1 column, and n number of rows.
Each cell contains a path to another chop operator.

Right now, This is working fine (almost), the c++ chop parses the dat, and does work with the data in each of the chops specified in the dat.

However, if I change any data in the chops that are listed in the connected dat, the c++ chop does not automatically cook again to update it’s contents.

I can however right click, force cook and the contents update accordingly.

My question is - is there a way in c++ land to automatically cook if any of those nodes in the dat are ever marked “dirty”? For example, if I have a select chop , and place a list of operator paths in it, it will correctly cook every time any data in any of those chops cook. This is what I’m looking for.