Calculating 'momentum'/swing in CHOPS

I am trying to create the feel of ‘momentum’ in CHOPS as a value rises.

I want the movement on each beat/button press to accelerate from a value and then slow down its rate of acceleration until it reaches then next value. A triggered pulse up and down is simple enough to create and appears in lots of tutorials, but this triggered pulse up with a changing rate has me stuck.

I have tried using a button or beat chop to a COUNT CHOP with a filter/lag but it is not quite creating the effect. Or perhaps I have not laid it out quite right. If I was more able with mathematics I’m assuming an alternate approach would be to do it with a formula.

Any tips here gratefully recieved.

have you tried the Spring CHOP?

is that the effect you had in mind?

another option, as you said, would be to look up the mathematical formula online, and code it in python or with an Expression CHOP. These mathematical options might look a bit intimidating at first, but often are not overly complex to put together.
SpringCHOP.toe (3.91 KB)

I hadn’t tried that CHOP - that’s exactly what I’m after! Thanks so much. I’ve added it to a timeline CHOP to get the climbing momentum effect. But…

Is there a simple way to stop the value descending as the oscillator falls/button is unpressed? So the overall value doesn’t pulse backwards but only climbs?
SpringCHOP.toe (4.6 KB)

I had a look at your file, I’m not 100% sure that I understood what you are trying to do,
but you could try a momentary button, connected to a count CHOP, connected to the spring CHOP.
example attached.
SpringCHOP momentary.toe (3.68 KB)

Ah, this is a great solution! Thanks so much!