Callback when saving CHOP data using Python?


Wondering if there’s already a mechanism in place (or if it could be) for when a file is saved to disk using Python. For example something like this:

  1. I have a RecordCHOP
  2. I export data from it using save()
  3. I get a callback when that process is finished and is safe to call the file in TD or another program.

Asking because need to coordinate execution times between different software, and I need to warranty save/load.

Many thanks!

+1 from me and same for TOPs using async

Currently again in the situation where I would like to now when a file is actually saved, as the FolderInDAT for example picks the file up before it is fully saved.
To add to the injury, the MovieFileInTOP does load the incomplete file without an Error (!)

Better might be an option in the FolderInDAT to ignore changes until they are steady for some number of seconds?