Camera control best practices?

Hi there,

I just have a basic question: do you have some advices / best practices for camera control ?

Actually, I’m just starting to scratch SOPs.

I often use Camera COMP with active flag, previewing in the background, using the mouse to rotate objects etc. but that’s not easy and enough for real control of course.

Do you have some best practices ?
In Max, I used to link couple of objects for controlling x,y,z, lookat x,y,z, rotation if lookat is not locked etc.

I know we can use path here too.

I usually set-up a camera rig:

Something like the above lets you control the position of both the whole rig, the camera, or the lookat. Components have a lookat parameter, and an op can be set to look at another op, by dragging that op onto that par:

Other options include using the camera blend component - this accepts multiple camera inputs, and you can blend between those camera views with weights, or sequence them. You can see an example of this in action in Op Snippets. If you haven’t been using op snippets yet, you can find it from the help menu, or by right clicking on an operator in the op select dialogue, or directly on the operator.