Camera for an temporarily installation

Hey all!

I’m a neewbie, but i’m getting nearer and nearer to the goal of my planned installation.

I need an adivce for a camera purchase. The problem is the distance of camera and pc. I need to cover a distance of maybe 30 meters. So, i’m already away from a wireless solution (or is there any good way to do this wireless). What kind of camera and connection would work? It would be nice if the camera delivere infrared pictures (does this work with blob tracking?).

Alle the best,

One option is to use an IP-based camera, as you can just connect it to an ethernet cable, and 30meters is no problem then. SDI connection would also work over 30 meters, but you need a capture card for that.
You can also use camera’s which have built in NDI as TouchDesigner can connect to that directly, which also works over ethernet.

There are too many options to choose from, so it would be helpful if you mention the budget available, and for instance what your demands are in latency, resolution, distance.

And the output of an infrared camera is just grayscale video, and yes that works with blobtracking.