Camera in Touchdesigner on Macos?

l have kinect v2 and d435,but they are not working in TD on mac.
Wanna a depth camera…
Like Sr300 ?

Some of the older Realsense cameras do work on macOS, but the D-series cameras do not due to a bad crashing but in Intel’s librealsense API. We are still waiting for Intel to address it but no news.

Personally I would recommend bootcamping your mac and using Kinect, it is much better than any realsense device we’ve seen to date. Its not a nice solution, but it opens you to a lot more camera possibilities.

Hi. Any change in the status of support for D435 on macOS? Thanks.

As of now, unfortunately no. We recently updated to Intel libreasesense SDK 2.31.0 and it continued to be unstable so the D-series cameras are still disabled on macOS. We will monitor the SDK for updates and continue to try.

Thanks. Very frustrating Intel doesn’t seem interested in making the SDK work on macOS. Their own website gives no indication as to when/if that might happen.

I’m guessing nothing has changed yet?

Actually things have changed, but only in the most recently posted Experimental build.

We updated the RealSense SDK again, and re-enabled all D-series and newer cameras for macOS. But as mentioned in the release notes, the stability is varying a lot of different systems, so we’d love your feedback.
On a iMac machine running Catalina, it works but on my ancient Macbook it does not.
If you try it, let us know and please post your machine’s specs.

@ben I downloaded the 2020.41040 build and installed recommended firmware on my D435 (5.12.6).

There’s some improvement - my camera is available on “Sensor” list in Realsense TOP but I get an error that Intel Realsense Cross Platform API has failed to initialise. I’m using MBP 2017 ad macOS Catalina.

Do I need to install librealsense from source with python bindings to make this work or should brew install do the trick?

You do not need to install anything, TouchDesigner includes the librealsense library. Sorry to hear you can not initialize, on my machine it crashes. This is still in bad shape for macOS from Intel’s side but we’re trying to see where it runs and were it doesn’t. Thank you for your report.