Camera Path Problems

Hey guys,
i am trying to build a simple camera path in Blender to which the camera should follow.
But when it moves it sometimes get totally fast and rotates crazy. I also tried to put in a basis SOP or a resampe SOP but both do not help at all. I tried to export it in differen formats, as points, as a plane and as a solid mesh but nothing helps… I actually dont know how to attach the meshes here but will upload my file… Thanks in advance for all tips! Mateo
Camera Path.1.toe (5.67 KB)

So i got it working. Im just guessing but i think that my files which where exported from blender where not compatible. I just converted them using a SOP to CHOP and then a CHOP to SOP :smiley: . After that a resample SOP and everything worked fine and smoothly. Just in case anyone has the same problems. Greetings