Camera sensor (beginner) - Kinect or Orbbec?

Hello, what would you recommend as a first purchase : xbox Kinect or any Orbbec camera sensor? I’ve seen many recommendations, maybe too many and I’m now quite lost. It would be used for art projects with dancers on stage.
I’m working both on 2021 iMac, PC (with rtx graphics card).
I’ve seen that any webcam would work for simple mapping but I’m not certain about stage performance.
Thank you!

Are you looking for skeletal tracking or just a depth/color camera?

The Kinect Azure or the Orbbec Femto Mega/Bolt have skeleton tracking and contain the same camera hardware, so it mostly just depends on what you can find available for purchase and the price. They are both Windows only.

If you don’t need skeleton tracking, the Orbbec Astra or Gemini cameras are cheaper and work on both mac and PC.

Hope that helps.