Camera Setup for Multi-Output Projection Cube ( inside )

Long time, no post…

Hello creative community!,
I’ve done a few cubes displays before:

This is easy enough when we’re working with 360° video files but as they say, “once you think you know all the answers they change all the questions”.

Today, I am not working with pre-baked content. I am working with content that is magically generated inside of TD.

My question is about how you would approach a camera setup and render for the 5 PJs shown here:

CubeTOP was my first idea for how to render, crop, & project the images but the perspective on my 180° FOV camera didn’t match the space very well. Next idea was to have 3 cameras that rendered each side of the cube but it was tricky to get the parameters right to seamlessly edge-butt the corners. ( the solution there was to set the Viewing Angle Method parameter on the cameraCOMP(s) to Focal Length and Aperture with values of 13 and 26, respectively. )

I will continue to experiment but I have to ask: Do you have any insight to a solution that works for this setup?