Camera ZED

dfrigon, If you get a chance could you please show us some video of the depth image in action (doesn’t have to be in touch). I’m interested in how it compares to kinectv2 whilst static and indoors.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to take videos but here is some screen caps to show you the difference between the ZED and both Kniect v1 and v2 depth views.

The viewing angle is definitely not as wide as the Kinect. They were all side by side and unfortunately at only 2 meters of the back wall witch make harder to see the whole depth range…

But overall the difference between near plane and far plane is way better with the ZED as there is the whole luminance range between Black to White instead of dark grey to black with the Kinect.

In addition, i’ve not tested it too much because I have so many other things to do at the same time but the ZED seems to adjust the depth range by itself with the OpenCV file that StereoLabs did.

We just started to code a C++ operator to interface with TouchDesigner, if someone already have some clues i’m open to it!
ZED TD.png
kinect TD.png

Thanks a lot, that gives us a good idea of the fov.

Hey guys, did any of you finish interfacing the ZED with Touch ? I’m considering buying it for a project but my C++ skills are not so fresh :^)

Hi there !
Is there any update about someone using ZED camera with Touch ?
I am looking for an high res alternative to Kinect, but I am not into C++ at all :confused:
Any suggestion welcome !

I’ve been playing with the ZED a bit. I’d be interested in seeing this work with Touch for MR work.

The recent SDK release has certainly made it easier to use with Unity. I’m still not hitting the quality of what’s shown in the marketing materials but it’s a promising bit of kit.

Hi there

any news about ZED TOP for touch?


With my collegue Tim Gerritsen we’ve made a C++ TOP for the Zed camera and it works very well in TouchDesigner. We’re not giving it away for free, but if you’re interested in buying a license, shoot me a private message via this forum and I’ll talk to the client to see if we can set something up to make everybody happy.

The ZedTOP outputs all the outputs the Zed has to offer: left camera, right camera, disparity map, depth map, confidence map, and point map, and as user parameters in the C++ TOP we implemented all the options & camera settings we could find in the Zed SDK. Also versions for both 088 and 099.

Hi All,

Any updates on this? Would really like to see how the ZED can compare to Kinect v2.


We have some on the way, looking into adding support for it!


Hi Malcom,

looking at the z for a coming project. Should I hold off for an official top from TD or just dive in and write my own?

It’s probably 1-2 months away from being released. We just got a new co-op programmer in whose likely going to be doing the work.

Oooh might just scrape in on time. Wondering if i make a start anyway could I shoot through some queries and possibly contribute back to the project.

One request for the TD ZED implementation - play nicely with SteamVR

There seems to be some differences between the ZED SDK implementation for Unity and for UE4. Whereas in Unity you can access the ZED depth camera but still use a Vive setup for tracking, with UE4 this is blocked for some reason (forcing you to use ZED for tracking). Would be great if TD implementation behaves more like Unity than UE4 in this case! The inside out tracking via stereo binocular ZED is interesting but doesn’t compare to Vive.

Hi Malcom,
Any updates on zed for TD? I’m thinking about using the camera for a project and that would be super helpful

It seems like it’s 90% done so far. We are dealing with some lingering integration issues related to CUDA. Hopefully we’ll put out a build soon with it.

Awesome! I was just about to write my own. If you need a beta tester :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m having no joy on the 9.x cuda versions of the sdk so going to rollback to earlier firmware and sdk. See how it goes :confused:

Is there an approximation of what might be included in the top? Ie read depth, cam left / right, confidence maps. Or are other features planned.

We’re hoping to get a build out today with pretty full support, trying to tie up some remaining loose ends. We have a TOP, CHOP and SOP coming for this camera.