Camerablend glitch in ''sequence'' mode

Hello everyone. I am experiencing a very weird glitch with cameraBlend in sequence mode.
When I slowly blend from one camera to another, cameraBlend seems to get confused and ‘‘jumps’’ to a random position for a fraction of a second an then back to normal one. I can not reproduce it all the times though. Usually, when I make the same transition a couple of times the bug disappears, other times doesn’t.

You can see the problem here at 0:05 and 0:33

Could it be a mismatch of the different camera settings?
Any help would be appreciated!

win 10, build 2019.18360
camera blend bug.3.toe (28.7 KB)

Hi alkman,
I tested your file quite a bit and I could not reproduce those pops that are visible in the movie recording. Are you going dequentially from one sequence to the next or are you sometimes jumping say from 2-to-4 or from 3-to-6 for example. The way you have it setup it will run through all the camera positions inbetween if you jump numbers, so I wonder if that is the case?

Hi Ben,

Sorry for the late reply. I always blend cameras sequentially (e.g. 1-2-3-4) . Each transition lasts for 60sec and gets triggered every couple of minutes or so.


I still can’t reproduce it by manually triggering the transitions. Would you be able to setup the file so it automatically transitions like it is supposed to and the exact way you have a reproducible case?

I am using 2019.19930, the latest official build.