camSchnapper out looks fine, the render being projected is off

Hello, I would appreciate anyone being able to diagnose my issue.

camShnapper output looks fine, but the window output from my render is off center, moving the projector up and to the right and scaling the Geo up kind of fixes the alignment.

Another forum post with a very similar problem went unresolved.

From digging around I think the scale of my physical box and the box sop is fine since TD scale is without units, the box is 1:1.

The window out is scaled to fill the monitor, I’m non-commercial and the projector is 1080p. This might be the issue but I’m not seeing it as one yet, since its scaled to fill and camShnapper did the same and was fine. I would lower my projector res if I could.

Here is a video of me following what I believe to be correct.

Make Box>Geo Cam and Light
Plug into camShnapper
Align points, looks fine
Render to Window and scale to monitor
Move the projector across and up until it mostly matches.

Please tell me how I did this wrong. Cheers.

Hi @JamesKey,

the projector resolution could be an issue here. Have you tried lowering the projectors resolution?
camSchnappr uses the output’s resolution to do the camera calculations. You can verify this by going into camSchnappr and checking the width and height parameters of the component called output.