Camschnappr 2 setting camera position

Hi team,

I’m creating a tool to previs projectors based on installation information. Ie my projector position is x,y,z, rotation is x,y,z etc. This allows me to calculate my projection needs in advance. I am tying this in with CamSchnappr, so I can test out my blends etc before i get onsite.

So far i have managed to set the camschnappr camera used in window ( camSchnappr/camSchnapper/viewer) based off my previs camera so that I don’t need to use the arcgeo to get to my approximate camera location. Its working quite well after normalizing the coordinates and repositioning to the object center.

However in order to really get this working properly, I need to set:

  1. camSchnappr/camSchnapper/cam1 and camSchnappr/camSchnapper/light1 so their tz position is 0. I also need to change the preview
  2. camSchnappr/camSchnapper/cam1 to use the fov parameter set in camSchnappr (which matches my projectors focal length)
  3. camSchnappr/camSchnapper/renderSurface to have the same resolution aspect as my output projection

Wondering if the camschnappr team might be able to indicate whether this could have a negative impact on how camschnappr working internally? I imagine it would need to use the view frustrum or projection matrix potentially to figure out how to ‘snap’ the camera based on the 2d points.

Also, it suprises me that I need to set 1., 2., and 3. but I guess it isn’t super dependent on the viewer. So maybe me doing those things isn’t really that important.

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