camSchnappr -- render different than camSchnappr 'open output'


I’ve used camSchnappr on other projects, but not with this approach and layout, and the issue is the render output is not the same as the ‘open output’ view in each individual camSchnappr.

Quick rundown: four 1920x1200 projectors, pointed at a single flat surface, so I’m using a grid sop. Due to real world elements and desired coverage, the projectors are not lined up with parallel edges in a single large rectangular canvas. The projectors are askew to each other and the real world space, so thought I’d use camSchnappr, measure and mark the real world surface, map coordinates and go. If the projectors were all parallel to each other, I’d use Kantan, but the overlap and non-parallel blend zones put me in camSchnappr exploration.

Everything is working as expected up to the point of the render tops. From each camschnappr camera, if I open all four ‘open output’ buttons in camSchnappr parameters, my entire canvas looks correct. Each individual projector output is correctly sampling from the master texture, warping and blending correctly, so it looks great like one giant blended texture as intended, but it’s not in perform mode.

When I setup four renders, each 1920x1200, and use the respective camSchnapprs as cameras, the render output is WAY off compared to the individual camSchnappr ‘open output’ button output, it doesn’t even look like it’s sampling the same area of the master texture, much less anything that’s useful for output.

I double checked I don’t have any transforms on the grid sop or geo comp. I did a quick mock up using kantan lower in the network in the attached toe file just to show what I’m expecting to see on the render tops. I’m not trying to use the Kantan part of the network, just to show the difference. Text dats have more detail in the toe file.

I’m probably missing something straightforward… I just want the render tops to look identical to the camSchnappr ‘open output’ texture, so I can send that to perform mode. The screen shot in the zip shows the render in the little pop up window next to the camSchap camera ‘open output’ to show the difference. Thanks! (3.0 MB)