camSchnappr rotating blend mask

It would be great to have the blend mask rotating with the geo sop, I prepare a project with a rotating box with 3D mapping on it. It work perfectly with a Dynamixel motor but I need to add a second projector. The blend mask works well when static but doesn’t rotate with the model. Do you think it something possible?
If I open the camschnapper output and touch a point, it update the position of the mask. At the moment a use an lfo sending left-right osc. Perhaps that’s something possible to implement?
Thank you,
rotatingBlendingMask.toe (95.4 KB)

Hi @jacqueshoepffner,

maybe try this attached version here. It has a new Toggle parameter on the AutoBlend Page of camSchnappr and each camSchnappr project which turns the included Cache TOP to active and hence should be updating at all times.

Also included in this update is a button to save out a TouchOSC file for the newer TouchOSC. The previous files were only made for TouchOSC MK1.

Hope this helps.
camSchnappr.tox (48.9 KB)

Hi @snaut ,
I will try tonight, thank you for your reactivity!
After test, works perfectly, Bravo!