Can a Time COMP’s frame be set via CHOP Export?

Is there any other way to explicitly set the frame of a Time COMP than Python (timeCOMP.frame)? If I am trying to drive the Time COMP externally, setting timeCOMP.frame via Python every frame is not very performant. -

I was hoping to set it via CHOP Export but there is no exposed parameter. :thinking:

Time is ultimately driven by the CHOP named ‘clock’, and it’s channel named ‘frame’. That is what is looked at, so if you change how that CHOP channel is generated (however you want), then you can control time externally.

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Ah this makes sense, thanks Malcolm! I’ll see if I can figure out a way to gracefully inject that information.

Thanks for the tip, Malcolm! I was able to pretty easily modify the time COMP node logic via Python and then reinit the network to reset it. This enabled much more performant behavior. :raised_hands:t4: