Can anyone help me? Need component that enables / disables cooking flag

Hey everyone,

I need a component that can turn on and off cooking flags on COMPs, I need to automate the cooking flag and I am not sure how. I have multiple touchdesigner projects that I wanted to combine into a sort of infinitely looping, audio reactive video for a performance. If someone could make a component to do this I would be very appreciative, because I have been struggling to find a way to disable cooking on a comp.

Thank you.

You can always hire people / put a cash bounty on your need.

Otherwise you can tag the operators that you want to cook / uncook, use opFind DAT to get a (dynamic) list of them, and put a parameter execute script that will iterate through the DAT, find each op, and set the allowCooking flag to the value of your switch parameter.

I think I figured it out, I had a component that allows for enabling the bypass switch, but I reconfigured it to work with cooking on COMPS. here it is.

CookingFlagHandler.tox (2.4 KB)