Can anyone recommend me tutorials for a complete beginner?

So I was planning to learn puredata and gems to make midi visualizers because I was inspired by a guy called Suiteru (check his IG out it’s lit). After trying out puredata, I discovered that the MBPro with the M1 chip doesn’t support the plugin he uses. Someone from his comment section recommended me touch designer - which is what i’ve always wanted to know more about anyways.

So can anyone refer/recommend me a set of tutorials to learn from as a complete beginner please?

Thanks so much!

Matthew Ragan’s tutorals are great

All the best!

Bileam Tschepe (elekktronaut) has a full series as well, a bit more recently made than Matt Ragans!

awesome, thanks so much guys! will check these out

Some of those are here:

and Introduction to TouchDesigner - Ben Voigt - YouTube