Can emissive MAT textures light other objects?

subject says it all - if I turn up emit on a phong MAT, should there be a way for that to light other objects? And if not, is it basically the same as constant or is there another purpose/way it’s calculated? Thanks for any help!

Currently they do not, they are similar to constant but get added with the other portions of the material equation differently.
Right now you need to put a Light COMP located where that object is to have it create light.

gotcha, thanks, sounds like there’s some plan for that in the future?

It probably would have been needlessly taxing to render if they actually did in the scene I was trying, but good to think about some other strategies…

Yep, we’re definitely thinking of ways of improving our rendering and trying to make features like work more automatically.

This seems like a good thread to drop a few interesting avenues I’ve been researching but not yet had time to try implementing:

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