Can someone help me attach this texture 3D to these particles?

Hi there,

I am trying to display a series of PNGs on a particle network. I was able to do it very easily with particle gpu, but now I want to use the regular particle sop so I can interact with metaballs attached to a kinect.

I cannot for the life of me find a tutorial to help me attach a texture 3D to the particle sop, can someone help me? I’ve included the project file, 3 pngs which the network will look for upon boot, and even a kinect recording should u need it.

Thanks in advance!

You would need to use texture instancing to accomplish this, I recommend looking into the wiki, it has some info. Also check the OP snippets, there’s a texture instancing example.

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Hm, but can you apply metaball forces to the sort of geo instancing you’re referring to?

If you’re just using the particles as positional data, then yeah it shouldn’t be an issue. The particle stuff happens in SOPs, while the texture instancing will be in the Geo COMP

Ok so I got close, but I can’t figure out how to solve the texture index. I have a couple channels extracted from the particles, such as lifespan and age, but none of them work just right.

The pngs switch multiple times on the particles. Or, I only get the first 3 or so particles to appear (there are about thirty in the system)

Any ideas?

Here’s a screen recording of the problem area

Here’s the latest file,

Thank you!

Your file link isn’t public, but note that you can just drag n drop .toe files into your post as you’re editing it.

Thanks, ive updated the link. Also this is the toe file. Any help is really appreciated!
Metaboy Texture 3D help request.2.toe (117.9 KB)

Hey @jacobcogan,

i assume that every generated particle should use it’s own texture.
For that reason, enable the parameter “Add Particle ID” on the Particles parameter page of the particles SOP.
Next, as you only have 3 textures but many more particles, you need to loop the particle id to just access the 3 texture slices in the 2D Texture Array. For that use a SOPTo CHOP and in the “Attribute Scope” parameter type id. Append a Limit CHOP and with the “Type” parameter set to Loop and “Min” / “Max” set to 0 and 3 this will get you a channel that can now be used in “W” parameter of the “Texture Coord” Instancing section.

To actually render rectangles, you will have to use a Rectangle SOP instead of a Rectangle TOP in your geo1 component.
Attached a small example.

sopParticles.tox (10.2 KB)

Hope this helps

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Hi Markus, thank you very much for the thorough response. It worked!

I really appreciate your help, and I certainly learned something here!

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