Canon EOS Webcam Utility

Canon have released a camera driver for Windows, allowing select models to be used as a webcam - may be of use to some here.

I gave this a try today and unfortunately the Video Device In TOP shows the device correctly, but it just shows black image. We’ll have to look into it and see if we can tweak our DirectShow support, it is working in other apps like OBS, Zoom, etc so we should be able to fix it.

By the way, if you have an older Canon camera that is not on the ‘supported’ list, just try the closest camera. My 60D isn’t officially supported but worked fine by installing the utility for the 80D. (worked fine in other applications that is, not TD yet :cry: )

Canon have just released a Mac version - which works with TouchDesigner - download from the same link.

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Yeah, I think we really need an update to the DirectShow support in Video Device In.

Not related but also just released for macOS is Virtual Input app in the NDI Tools package from Newtek.

For anyone following along - the next release has changes to enable support for the Canon Webcam Utility on Windows - as well as enabling resolution selection for all DirectShow devices. If you have a Canon camera they make really great video devices - try it out once the next release is posted.