Can't install TD on Windows 10

Hello, I was pereparing for New Year and I have cleaned my computer and ordered new SSD drive, everything running well and I have installed over 50 different programs (Adobe, Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine, Unity and many others) but when I run TouchDesigner installation it stops on this screen for days, I have to restart my laptop over 20 times today just to make it going and no luck, please help.
I have an official commercial licence, is it possible to ask TD stuff to install in in Toronto?
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sorry for your trouble with installing TouchDesigner.
Can you give us some information on your system and if you are installing TouchDesigner in the default location or a different path?

Could you also create a log file while installing and send it to us:

[code]Start a Windows Command Prompt window with Administrator privileges and run:

“C:\MyFolder\TouchDesigner0xx.xxxxx.xx-Bit.exe” /L*V “example.log”

Send the resulting log file as a zip or link to Derivative Support[/code]

Thank you very much

Hello, everything is a default, it is fresh Windows 10, each program runs correctly, I have installed an entire collection of my favourite apps (Syntheyes, Mocha Pro and so on)
Please review my log file (TDinstallStat.log) and a screenshot.

It just stays open.
I only thing has weird in my opinion is:

  1. A:\tmp is my system folder for temp, I have changed in Windows variables, I always do it for last 10 years.
  2. SSD drives - I have A:\ drive and C:\ drive both SSD (Samsung 960 PRO M.2) and C is running Windows 10 and A:\ is an empty drive with “tmp” where all system temp files go from every program requires cache and another tmp folder.
  3. Both drives are encrypted with BitLocker

The overall system is doing great, all complicated software installation went no problem. The only TD is stopping to work, what I did, I have cleared all disk cache, system cache, temp folders, run it as admin (I’m usual Windows 10 admin, as everyone who just installed fresh Windows 10 PRO). (214 KB)
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thanks for the log file. I’m sending this over to the installer maker and hopefully will have an update soon!


If you need my laptop to visit, I can come to your office for the installation process. I cannot give a laptop, only during debugging it, because it is my only one laptop I working on.
I have not stopped any system services yet, nothing is not-usual except post above (BitLocker drive + and temporary folder on disk A), but even if I did this, I still want to use my configuration wihtout changing it only for TouchDesigner. I did not expect such a problem with TouchDesigner, it is not a system utility which goes somewhere deep in the system. :unamused:

It creates folder in
Program Files \ Derivative \ TouchDesigner099 and few emplty folders, all of them are empty. Then I canceling the installation after few hours of waiting, them rebooting and the same problem again. I don’t even run AntiVirus, I even stopped Windows 10 build in virus protection. I have lowered all my CPU clocks RAM clocks in BIOS.


likewise - we would not expect this as we are merely copying files and checking for some installed updates earlier in the installation process.
I submitted the issue and will hopefully be able to report on it back very quickly.