Cant install TouchDesigner

Hi guys !

I cant instal Touch Designer, when setup is beginnig everything is ok but when th setup is configuring windows features there is a pop-up windows that says:" The following required Windows features are not available on your system: WindowsMediaPlayer. "
but this software is for windows XP only so I dont know what to do :frowning:

Thanks for your help

It’s a Windows internal software that you instal via the windows settings !!!

Hi @alix,

are you on a european or korean windows version? These come with WindowsMediaPlayer disabled but it should install the required media features.

Did it work for you after you enabled it in settings?


Hi @snaut !
Yes I am from France, and yes TD installed after I manually installed Media player…

Hi @snaut,
I have the same Problem with the Installation on a new Win 10 computer.
Unfortunately even after installing the Windows Media Player feature I get the same error message… what can I do?
Thanks for your help!

Try to reboot your computer, maybe try an older Version of touch desiner :man_shrugging:

Have tried both already, latest 2019 version, no luck so far… :thinking:


sorry for the trouble with the installation. If all fails, please follow these instructions on how to extract the installer and run TouchDesigner without running the installer - by that bypassing these warnings.

Hope this works

Hi Markus,
thanks for your advice, unfortunately it did not solve my problem.

I followed the instructions from the Wiki -extracted the Folder -renamed it -created a shortcut to the .exe inside the bin folder.

I then get a message telling me that “MF.dll” and “MFPlat.dll” could not be found.


I am not sure if the problem lies on my side, since the PC is brand new, with basically nothing installed but Windows 10.

I appreciate any help…
Thanks for your support!

Now it worked. The problem was an outdated version of Win 10, version 1809 was installed on the computer, an update to 1909 only worked after I uninstalled and reinstalled the Windows Media Player feature.
Thanks for the support!

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