Can't save changes to TOE 'Illegal byte sequence"

I’ve been working on a project for a couple days saving once in a while as I go but this morning after making some pretty extensive changes I get the following message (see attached image). This is using TD Commercial build 2018.27550 under Win10.

If I copy my complete network and paste it into an empty TOE I can then save this as a new file without any problem but this particular session seems to be stuck.


I think we will need the file in question and instructions to reproduce it. Can you post it or send it to support if its something you can’t publicly share?


Unfortunately after successfully copy/pasting the content of the faulty file to create a new one the original was overwritten so I’m afraid I have no way of reproducing the problem at the moment. If/when I face it again I’ll make sure to keep a copy of it!