Change geometry of individual instances independently

Hi, is there a way to control the geometry of individual instances independently?

Considering the attached .toe, see how the RG noise displaces the vertices of the source geometry, how would I go about displacing each instanced geometry differently, say with a different noise for each?

I also wonder if there is a way to control any custom instance attribute besides scale, transform, etc…, I see the “Instance 3” page has a few “Custom Attrib”, perhaps through these?

instance-attributes.1.toe (5.0 KB)

If you want change more than scale, rotate, you have the solution to use geometry shader were you can change, add, deform your geometry, with glsl function using the instance index.
There is few infos and tutos on the question.
One group was able to animate a fbx with diferent time index but it was quite complex (first using shader to record the variation of geometry during time with pixel shader on texture, then retrieving position for each instance and using it in geometry shader. It was available on patreon and I made some reverse engeniering to use it but I cannot remember where is the website :frowning:

Here is a quick example using geometry shader.

  • move of two corner are determined by an array
  • the array is build by four chops with the number of sample = number of instance
    You obtain two triangle instead of one quad because pixel shader use triangle but it would be possible to put alpha to zero for the median line, your job now!
    instance-attributes.3.toe (6.2 KB)