Change rectangle TOP 'compinput' parameter default to 1


I’ve just noticed that the rectangle TOP has new output parameters since experimental build 40290 which results in backwards compatibility issues with older projects. These can be solved by giving the
compinput parameter a default value of 1 in future builds.


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There was a window between builds 2020.40290 and 2020.43210 where rectangle TOP’s compinput backward compatibility for loading previous versions was broken. It should be working now in the latest experimental when loading a 20k toe file, but if you loaded/saved in that window then you’ll have to manually fix it. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the response.

Oh ok I see what happened. I had indeed been saving files between those versions.

So moving forward from what I understand compinput will be 0 when setting down a new rectangle TOP in 45520 but if you had it saved in a previous version with some compositing thing going on through its input it will load that file with compinput set to 1 and operation set to ‘over’.

Good enough for me!