Change the color for each person who enters the scene with a Kinect TOP

how could you change the color for each person who enters the scene using Kinect 2? for my project i am using the Kinect TOP with nvidia flow emitter.

if you are using skeleton data, each skeleton entering the scene will have an ID (1 to 6, or 0 to 5, I don’t remember right now).
This value can be used to select a ramp TOP, or different constant TOP, with the colours that you like.
It can be done in few different ways.

Thanks a lot for the answer! Unfortunately, I’m not using the skeleton data, but instead the Kinect TOP with ‘player index’ selected. The choice for this method is to use the Nvidia flow emitter which only works with TOP shapes.

Hi, I don’t have my Kinect here, so I try to explain using my only memory (and it’s not so good! :slight_smile:
The Kinect TOP identify each player’s shape with a specific level of gray (I can’t remember exact values), R value in monochrome. For example; player 1 from 0 to 0.1, player 2 from 0.2 to 0.3 and so on.
Just put an RGB Key for each player that filters R channel by value, then put a threshold that transforms all the filtered pixel in white (value=1) and multiply it with a constant setted with the color you like for each player.
Take a look here:

Hei! i have the ID from the second person entering the scene, how can i connect this to a ramp TOP? sorry im new to TD

thanks a lot