Change the coordinate system to match other 3d software

Can the coordinate system display of TD be changed? The coordinate system of the other software I used is exactly the opposite of the Z-axis in TD. So I can’t sync the rz value to it .

This should involve rotating matrix to transform the left hand and right hand coordinate systems.
please help me , thanks a lot . @malcolm @snaut

If you are only changing the handedness then you just need to scale the axis you want to switch. In this case scale in -1.0 in Z.
However what this also does is change the winding of your polygons. When a polygon’s normal is facing the camera, TD expects the polygon’s vertex winding to be counter-clockwise. Scaling by -1.0 in only one axis direction will cause the polygon windings to be reversed so now the face with the normal pointing out will be clockwise. You need to fix this using a Vertex SOP to re-reverse the winding. Otherwise your lighting won’t work correctly.

it is not as simple as reversing the Z scale.I have been try it .
please see the post,the conversion process between the two is very complex:

I think you’ll need to post your .toe file with assets showing what you’ve tried so far. I’m pretty sure if your coordinate system is just that Z is pointing the wrong way, what I described is the way forward

The situation is that I need to use vive tracker in TD to sync camera view with another software in left-handed coordinate system,In the 3D view of TD,it shows that it is completely normal,but in the other software,it is only the rz channel is reversed,if you reverse this channel,it will behave abnormally.

Are you trying to use the RX/RY/RZ values coming out of the Vive CHOP channels directly in the other software?

Right, you can’t split up rotation values like this. I think the solution (I don’t have a way to test right here), is to take the full txyz rxyz and into a Transform CHOP. Apply a scale of (1, 1, -1) to that transform, and then get back out the Euler angles from the Transform CHOP. I think those values will be what you want. Have you tried that?

Probably even better would be if you can send a Quaternion over to the other system (you can set that output from the Transform CHOP). Does the other software have a way to use Quaternions?

No,only send DMX out.It is not work.
take a look it please.

It would be nice to have the option to switch this coordinate system of 3d view.

I have solved the reversed problem of Z axis,but it is still very misleading in visually.It is still recommended to add a different display coordinate system.

Oh great, can you share what ended up working for your system?