Channel Pickup in Bind CHOP doesn't work

I’m working with build 2021.12380 on Windows 10.
The midi controller I’m using is a Novation LaunchControl XL.
I followed the series of tutorials on TouchDesigner YouTube Channel and everything works fine except when I enable Channel Pickup in the Bind CHOP. All midi inputs still move but the bind CHOP doesn’t recognize the movement. I do get some jerking when moving back and forth but that’s it. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @allred.matthew, could you post your file so we can reproduce your issue?

Thanks for looking into it for me, Ben. You can download the file I made here:!ArVd_o5RdTYshNEcL9enQUsKDDTPsQ?e=CVesAs


Hey @allred.matthew

Thanks for the file.

I’m having a look and the first thing I notice is a performance problem. The file you shared on my computer runs at around 15fps.

It would be easier to conclude if there is a bug or not if the file runs at 60fps.

The performance issue is due to a bug on fields of Widgets - what you could do is:
A. Disable fields on Widgets
B. Update the widget version for your Knobs and Sliders (the latest are 2021.10.1.041, you are using 2020.40.1.036), this should help.

Additionally, I see that the parameters you use and the Bind CHOP are actually not bound but using CHOP export instead. In one of our recent inSession, I covered your case, here is a link at the correct timestamp:

The Channel Pickup toggle in your file is also not turned On on your Bind CHOP.

I hope those points help,

Please let me know,