Checking Compute Tangents in Create Attribute makes the render of the SOP suddenly go pitch black

The Moment I click on Compute Tangents. The sphere in my render turns completely black.

It’s still reacting to the music, but it’s gone completely black and I can’t figure out why :frowning:

If you enable the viewer in the render top, and turn on show pixel values, when you mouse over the black sphere do you get NaN for the color values instead of 0?

I’ve seen this sometimes with sops, when certain attributes don’t play well together. Honestly haven’t tracked it down to something reproducible, but what I think fixed it in my case was a covert SOP converting everything to polygons. Try that before (or after) the attribute create SOP.

@dhar.anshuman Its very hard to guess from just a screen shot, it is much easier to help if you post your .toe file. (new users might have to link to it on dropbox or something, I think you need to make a certain number of posts before being allowed to post a file).