Chicago Based Experiential Designer Position

Opportunity to come work in our 4000 sqft Fulton Market Chicago office. Sun drenched studio, fun clients, great people. Dedicated research lab with 3D printer, projectors, led walls, hololens, VR headsets, addressable leds, class IV ILDA lasers, motion controlled cameras… get paid to play!

looking for solid production experience, a fluent understanding of real time pipeline. Knowledge of 2D and 3D design and pipeline. At least one of the following, GLSL, Python, C++, Javascript. Must have experience in VR, AR and MR and be confident drifting in and out of any or all each day. Fast turnarounds, tight timelines. Need to have a art forward approach to your programming.

Would love to meet an experiential unicorn!

I am posting casually here before we hit the usual hiring platforms :slight_smile:

please email me directly,

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