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my name is Verena and I am a student. We are currently working on a project in which we use the Touchdesigner. My task is to make our sound change based on the position data of an object.
Let’s imagine a circle with 16 speakers. The object moves in the circle past the speakers. Now we want to play the sound where the object is located.
I use the CHOP audio renderer node for this purpose, but I can’t see if it builds up my levels the way I expect it to. Or rather, I don’t quite understand how this node works/responds.
As source object I use my object which is moving. I have inserted the speaker coordinates as Table DAT. What is the role of the Listener object here?

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hey @rearnra , welcome to the forum!

in the Parameter Dialog of the Audio Render CHOP, top left, you’ll see a question mark. Click that and you get to it’s help page.

There you’ll see the Audio render takes a mono sound audio source as input, and a 3d transform for both a single Listener (= the ‘person’ who is hearing the sound) and a single Source (the thing that is generating the sound). So to translate to real world terms, the Listener is you and the Source a ringing phone. You can run around the ringing phone, or somebody with the ringing phone can run around you - both would be different sound experiences for the Listener(you).
The final output to the speakers is just to simulate the surround audio the Listener hears.

If you right-click the Audio Render CHOP, you’ll see an option Operator Snippets. Click that and an example file for the Audio Render CHOP opens which also shows the function of the Listener COMP.
In this case the Source is at a static position and the Listener circles around it.
But the way you describe your installation you would want to place a static Listener COMP in the center (perhaps at txyz 0,0,0), and the Source COMP moving in a circle around it. And then your 16 speakers in your mapping table positioned in a circle around the Listener COMP position.

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here’s a quick example with a sound source moving in a circle of 2m radius around a static Listener, and your 16 speakers positioned in a larger circle of 2.5 meter radius.
For a quick soundcheck on your headphones switch Audio Render CHOP to binaural and add a Audio Device Out CHOP.

example_circling_sound_16_speakers.tox (51.4 KB)

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Yes you are right. In my case, the Listener is static and because of the moving Source the levels of my speakers should change.

Thank you very much for your help.

I will try :slight_smile:

i have the same problem, i need add different clips to different speaker, but how can I do that? any thoughts or recommand resource? Sorry, because I’m still new user, I don’t how to find the answer…