CHOP/Button Weird Cook

Hi, I’m bulding a system using buttons to the user interact with the software, but im having a weird behaviour… Im selecting the outputs of all my buttons to restart a timer every time the buttons are touched/clicked.Also im having containers to organize the app. If i’m on the main window where the select CHOPs are placed everything is working good, but if i go inside any container and click any button, it doesn’t restart the timer. I splitted the screen in two and works good only when the network with the selects is ‘Visible’. Im having this weird behaviour on different builds.



So im noticing this happen only when using my app in Perform Mode…

Could this be an issue caused by the time the button is clicked?

The behaviour of my app is as follows: im on the container1 with button1, if I click button1, I turn off the display of container1 and turn on display of container2 with buttons and so on.

This is probably an issue with things not cooking when you’re not looking at the node viewer. To confirm, turn all viewers off (top-left button) in the working examples and see if that makes them stop working.

Post your .toe with instructions for replicating the problem, or send to and I’ll take a look.


Yes I confirm that if I turn off the node viewer it stops working. Is that a bug or is there a way to make it work(cook the processes)? I’ll Send the files via email

Thanks Ivan

I didn’t go very deep into what was going on, but I think it has something to do with the timing of the CHOPs. Your chopexecDAT should be looking at both CHOPs that you care about. For example, on /SPEI_INTERACTIVE/Datos/mDat/mid/chopexec1 change the CHOPs parameter to null1 null3 instead of just null3.

Hope that helps.

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It worked! Thank you Ivan

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