CHOP Execute to trigger Play onOfftoOn

Hello guys, does anyone know the expression to trigger play in a CHOP Execute DAT?
Imagine my perform mode starts at frame 1, stopped, and I wanna trigger “Play” from the Perform window.

How to control the entire project with buttons, I mean…

I need one button to press “Play” and the other to press “Pause”

@raganmd can you please help with DAT? :slight_smile:

Could I control the “get_state” CHOP inside /local/time? If get_state = 0 the software is paused, if it is 1 the software is playing

Could I write an expression to change that value from a button in perform mode?

I think I gotta set a constant and change that expression?

So when I press Play button on my UI, it triggers 1 on my constant, and when I press Stop button it triggers 0…

I gotta create an expression to change the column highlighted above with 0 or 1 right?

I tried this:

It doesn’t present any errors but it doesn’t work either

You can control the timeline with Python commands like this: = 0
pauses playback = 1
resumes playback

me.time.frame= 1
rewinds timeline to frame 1


That’s it, thanks a lot mate :wink:

Thank you for this!