CHOP export TouchDesigner to Houdini

I captured data with kinect or leap motion from Touch Designer to a CHOP.
And i want bring this to Houdini for add VFX on it, but i try to export every format : .clip.chan.bclip.bchan.aiff.wav
And only .chan can be read, but Channel name are reset. :cry:

i don’t know if the problem come from Houdini or Touch, but i thought they was old friends !

From Houdini to Touch. extension . clip works like charm.

Please, did you manage to import channels with names from TD to H?

I have tried to investigate and there are small differencies in .clip as Houdini and Touchdesigner creates them. Please, can anybody help?

rate = 24
start = 0
tracklength = 240
tracks = 1
name = chan1
data = 0 0.25881904363632202 0.5 0.70710676908493042 0.86602538824081421

rate = 60
start = 0
tracklength = 600
tracks = 1
name = accxyz1
data_rle = -0.00669861 @2 -0.00994873 0.000991821 @2

I just did some test. Now i can’t read a .clip from Houdini16 to Touch099. it is a sad news
.chan works in both cases.
Can be report in the bug topic, but it is a problem from Touch or Houdini ?

here some samples test (delete the .txt at the end, Touch forum don’t allow .clip extension…)
sameNoiseFromTD099.clip.txt (2.38 KB)
noiseFromHoudini16.clip.txt (4.94 KB)

Hello Anodin, thank you very much for trying. I am TD newbie, so I am not sure where the bug is. Maybe it is not a bug, but just different approach. There may be simple “find&replace” convert solution. I dont know. I have created topic here. Cheers! … 12&t=10447

Though TouchDesigner, and Houdini shared some common formats in the past, they no longer represent the same format today unfortunately.

Looks like Houdini doesn’t support the data run length encoded tag, which is used to shorten long spans of constant values.

The quickest route, would likely be to write a python script that outputs the simplified format Houdini could use.

Paste this code into a DAT or automatically in a Script DAT, to build up a string t.
You can then save it out to a file with other python calls of your choosing.
Hope that helps,

def saveClip(n):
	t = ''
	t += '{\n'
	t += ' rate = ' + str(n.rate) + '\n'
	t += ' start = ' + str(n.start) + '\n'
	t += ' tracklength = ' + str(n.numSamples) + '\n'
	t += ' tracks = ' + str(n.numChans) + '\n'
	for c in n.chans('*'):
		t += ' {\n'
		t += '  name = ' + + '\n'
		t += '  data = ' + " ".join(map(str, c.vals)) + '\n'
		t += ' }\n'
	t += '}'

	#write out string t to file, etc
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Thx Rob

It is really sad, more time past and less format are support buy Touch&Houdini.
Before .geo and .bgeo was support. Now only .bhclassic .classic can be use to export all attributes of a SOP.

Hope see the future with Touch & Houdini hand in hand ^^

Again thank you Rob.
Your script help me again today !

And my wish for a Touch/Houdini holding hands and running in a beautiful wheat field stay in my dream ^^


Thank you very much Rob! Last years I have been only in Houdini, but I really like how TD is evolving. Great work! Hopefully I will have a job to utilize it soon.

Hi Folks,

I’m trying to use @rob script, but getting a bit lost with DATs…
Can anyone send how to set this up?