Chop with mouse position outside TouchDesigner window

This patch gives you a CHOP with the absolute mouse position on a MS Windows machine updated every frame. It also works when the cursor is outside of the TouchDesigner window.

findMouse.tox (1.12 KB)

Interestingly this doesnt seem to work if your primary monitor is central and you have a secondary monitor to the left of the primary (basically my 3 monitor setup in the office)

The values go a bit crazy

can confirm, when I change my dual monitor setup to have the primary on the right, the x value trips out when moving cursor to the left monitor.

Shows you should be a good boy and always make your left monitor the primary one richard.

on nice, thanks for this.
I found out how to solve for the negative X display issue but stacking displays in the Y direction is still a problem.
I added this solve/bandaid and added a color picker.
I always wanted a color picker when a client sends over a picture to copy, hope it’s helpful!

Color_Picker.tox (2.6 KB)

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