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I’m looking for solid tutorials to learn CHOPS but can’t seem to find any. For the official TD workshops i found some very old stuff from norway and some tutorials from MUTEK. Can anyone recommend a good source to learn more about CHOPS?

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One thing you can do is right click on any node and go to OP Snippets, there are some great examples for many of the nodes in there that are highly recommended.

Since CHOPs are used for so many things, do you have an area you’d like to start? Timing and animation, signal control and processing, audio signals?

Thank you! will keep this in mind i had actually forgotten about it.

Thanks for answering! I don’t have anything specific in mind at this point since im just starting out. I would like as many sources as possible to learn where i can get a good understanding of how each individual operator works. Your instancing tutorial in Mutek was amazing for example because you actually explained why you did each step.

I see what you mean, when looking into CHOPs it difficult to find a tutorial only about them. I think this is because they are usually used in a project to help get data to places and control things, but rarely is a project ever all CHOPs. So they are mingled into other workflows, unless you are just working with audio or doing some specific data massaging.

In Matthew Ragan’s [THP 494 / 598] classes there are some specific examples with audio, the Timer CHOP and more.

Also is a huge repository of all the tutorials ever found about TD and there are about 135 with the tag ‘CHOPs’, so perhaps search through there for the topics that interest you.

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Thank you :slight_smile: !