Chord Detector Plugin

Hello. I’m newbie who interested in touchdesigner from South Korea.
(Sorry, I can not speak English very well :unamused: )

I made a Chord Detection custom plugin based on Chromagram Estimation & Chord Detection by Adam Stark and Mark Plumbley.

It’s DAT Custom Operator.

(please open image with new tab)

1. CHOP:Audio File in
use CHOP Audio File In operation.

2. Target Channel
Select one channel among the entire channels of the audio file. (e.g. chan1 is 1)
(Samplerate is detected automatically.)

3. TouchDesigner’s FPS
write FPS setting value of your touchdesigner project.

4. Calculate Buffer Size
It’s audio frame size for calculate chromagram.

5. Calculate Average Count
It’s corrects irregular chromagram values. For example, if Calculate Average Count is 10, C is corrected value of calculated values [C,C#,C,C#,F,C,C,F,C,C] (10 size array).

(please open image with new tab)

1. Chord
result chord of string type

2. Chord Num
result chord of int type

3. Quality
The chord quality.

4. Interval
additional interval number.


OS : Mac OSX 10.12 or Higher
Tested on Touchdesigner099 2019.11370 64-bit

Install Path : /Users//Library/Application Support/Derivative/TouchDesigner099/Plugins
Copy file : ChordDetector.plugin

Install FFTW3
Terminal prompt: brew install fftw
(Hombrew :

[INSTALL Window]

Tested on OS : Window 10 Pro 64 bit
Tested on Touchdesigner099 2019.11370 64-bit

Install Path : C:/Users//Documents/Derivative/Plugins
Copy files : ChordDetector.dll, libfftw3-3.dll

I hope it will be useful for you.


please visit our corporate website (965 KB) (20.7 KB)

Thank you!

Sorry, I can’t understand where the TD file is :frowning:

It’s custom operator. so copy and paste files to TD’s plugin folder.

This document will help you.

Oh, I got it now!
Thank you!!
It seems very useful!!!

Really nice! I use it a lot… thank you for your contribution!