CineForm Direct-to-Disk Recorder

There was a talk on recording performances on the mailing list some weeks ago, so this might be interesting (found via createdigitalmotion)

Regarding recording to disk,

I have a 4-core machine. Mixxa’s built-in recording to QuickTime on disk is almost impact-less. Example:

Comping at 440x330 was running at 43 frames per second.
Comping AND recording at 440x330 was running at 43 frames per second. 0-impact.

Comping at 640x480 was running at 35 frames per second.
Comping and recording at 640x480 was running at 31 frames per second. Some impact, not too bad.

This box does HD recording though :smiley:

I don’t think many single drive systems could handle HD bandwidth writing at 30fps yet. Maybe solid state disks will be able to handle it, and it looks like 2008 might be the year they become readily available.

This one sounds promising

Yes, IOdrive is promising and $.
projected at $30 a gig, and 80 gig is the smallest size that one will be able to obtain.

Thanks for the clue in!


Was researching how Turbo Cache works. Was wondering if it’s memory was just as fast as the memory built into the card?
A 128MB GPU has another 895MB Turbo Cache so does that make it 1G of total stored memory. Is that extra 895MB of memory fast enough for real-time? Shouldn’t I be looking for GPUs with more dedicated main memory?

Do we need a Fusion card with 80G of flash memory? Where would this benefit the most?


Turbo cache is just your main system memory. Along with using up the main memory, it is also slower than main graphics memory.