Cineform End of Life / Sale. Now free codec. Wiki update

Cineform licenced software is no longer for sale. This happened some months after the Cineform codec became standardised as part of the SMPTE VC-5 standard.

The 088 and 099 Wiki articles for Cineform have no indication of this or what path to now pursue to encode Cineform videos in TouchDesigner. (Couldn’t find anything on the forum either.)

Here is what I found and I hope will be of use to update the wiki. The method below works to encode Cineform videos with TouchDesigner 088 Build 62380 (Pro) using the Movie File Out TOP and I imagine most other recent versions though I haven’t assigned a Pro licence to 099 to test.

Official method to get the (now free) Cineform encoder working with TouchDesigner (Pro licence) and many other applications: … plications

(There is no need to install any other software – I tried Installing Quik / GoPro Studio and that alone has no effect so I uninstalled it.)

Relevant wiki articles: … o_Cineform … o_Cineform … le_Out_TOP … le_Out_TOP

Official sources regarding the fate of Cineform

Cineform software / licence End of Life announcement:

SMPTE press release: … 5-standard

Thanks, I’ve updated the 099 help

Starting with build 2018.24840, encoding Cineform will just work out of the box with the Movie File Out TOP. No extra steps need to be done to get it working.