Client facing Scheduler tutorial using GOOGLE SHEETS


I just put together a quick tutorial on using google sheets to drive a scheduler. Super simple, easy to pass on to a client, enjoy!


Hey Andrew, This is a great, clean, practical workflow. It extends out nicely as each column can be a different day or different screen. And you can use the power of Sheets to replicate stuff around and link time-slots together. I didn’t catch how the Web Client DAT gets updated when the file at the URL changes. Would it be doing a periodic GET with a Timer CHOP or did I miss something?

Hi Greg,

Yes! I usually just put an LFO on the “request” button. The data parked at the URL gets updated whenever the spreadsheet changes, but the URL itself stays the same. There is a box when your publishing the spreadsheet to turn this auto update on or off.

Unfortunately the DAT “Blinks” off every time data is requested. Sometimes this can cause issues depending on how everything is set up. I’ve solved it badly by creating a duplicate and flip/flopping between them prior to pressing the request.

  • Andrew


Another interesting use of the LFO CHOP. For the blinking, you can do it with one Script DAT where, when it cooks, if the input is not blank (or whatever condition to validate), you copy input to output. Otherwise the output stays the same.