Clip blend documentation rather thin... … ender_CHOP

considering its a feature of the Pro version of Touch, there is not much to say what it actually does. some more detail would be cool.


Hi Rodney.
It’s a bit of speciality animation system, that blends between different animation clips, preserving rotation, changing target positions etc. Not exactly simple to setup, but powerful once it is.

yeah i’m really keen to play with this especially now the FBX import is working well and i can bring in my rigged maya characters i’d love to be able to use this for animatin!

Is there an example .toe available for the clip and clip blend CHOPs?

I really want to get started with this now. So far, I feed one ‘take’ into one input and another into the second. I change the weighting values in the clip blend CHOP and nothing happens, nothing even comes out the other end. what is the magic missing ingredient? its use is not yet intuitive.


I’ll be posting something in the next few weeks, stay tuned.

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Thanks Ben, that will be a huge help, I was beginning to think that perhaps The Mouse had forbidden you to divulge the inner secrets of clip-jitsu …

yes that would be great to have Rob!! Also the clip chop documentation is practically absent.

I also kind of need to use this now…


Does that example exist somewhere?

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