Clock CHOP and time zone issues

I snapped clockCHOP and tried to get the elapsed time from the time of the snap.
However, when I set the HourAdjust value to -9 (because Japanese standard time is UTC+9), I get a warning that Warning : Start time cannot be after the current time.

My start time is before the current time, how can I solve this problem?
My computer’s time zone is set to UTC+9 and I don’t want to change it.

TouchDesigner 2022.28040

I’ve attached a tox file which may be of use.
I have two clock CHOPs. Locked one, then subtracted the channels with a Math CHOP.
I then followed with another clock CHOP to put everything back into valid ranges.

You can use the hour adjust on any of the non-locked Clock CHOPs.

elapsed_time.tox (774 Bytes)

Thank you! My nodes are now looking good!

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