Clock using the CDJ2000 to sync videos in Touch Designer.

maybe I’m crazy for saying that.
But it would be possible to create an operator in Touch Designer to import the clock and the Pioneer CDJ2000 usalo to sync videos?
I saw a video about it. … detailpage

It seems that the CDJ2000 uses the UDP protocol, but I’m not totally sure about this.

Hmm maybe use something like Wireshark to sniff out the packets?

If it’s unencrypted you could probably just grab it using a UDP DAT.

At a few of the festivals I was at this summer some of the big name DJs were using some custom software that got clock from a CDJ converted to an ethernet signal, sent it to front of house and then converted to MTC that was then sent to Resolume. I think he (the guy who developed the software) had his software running on two machines one on each end of the line (not 100% sure).

I can’t remember the full name of the software or the guy who developed it but it was call TC something. He rented it on a monthly basis for $1000/month - Tiesto was on of the ones that was using it.

I thought to myself at the time it wouldn’t take a lot of time to do the same thing in Touch…

Well if someone develop and make public or paid would be the introduction of Touch Designer at many festivals and clubs worldwide.

I’ve seen a few different systems out in the wild. The one Keith is likely talking about is called TC Supply.

As far as I know it does some other neat things like remote start/stop of the decks and also the ability to see the list of tracks loaded on the deck as well as which one is currently playing by name.


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A friend who knows the TC Supply guys made a connection with me and David there, and he sent me this spec, which happens to also be on their website. It seems pretty well rounded, I imagine it functions in a way similar to that of the Ableton Link protocol… I’m sure there’s a way to roll one’s own version of this as a touch extension/component, but maybe if there’s enough demand or a good project for it Derivative could take it on…

Last link goes to a pdf delineating the network protocol they have created for this.