Cloning of widgetsTOP

I want to setup a set of widgets inside a container.
Later I want to style them.
I used to do things like this with cloning.
But with the new system (I am running 2022.26590) I don’t seem to understand the cloning parameters in the common tab.
I have added some sliderVert widgets from the palette.
If I put in the one widget that I want to have as my main one = Clone Master it does not work.
It works like that if I clone the whole container.
There also is already an expression in the clone field:
op.TDBasicWidgets.op(‘sliderVert’) if hasattr(op, ‘TDBasicWidgets’) else ‘’
that I don’t understand.
Anybody here can help me?

That clone expression is how widgets update to the latest version when you get a new version of TouchDesigner.

The best way to do what you are trying is to create the widget inside an empty container and set it to fill horiz and vertical. You can then “promote” whatever formatting parameters you want from the widget to the wrapping container by creating them on the container and binding them. If you’re not familiar with this technique, let me know and I’ll explain or point you to a tutorial.

Once you’ve wrapped the widget in your own container, clone THAT instead of the widget itself.

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