Cloud Licensing

Cloud computing and PCoIP technologies have recently enabled users to use cloud graphics workstations and servers featuring low-latency 4k 60p client interaction as well as massive network throughput and disk/graphics capabilities. See: AWS Workspaces, AWS G4 GPU machines, Azure Virtual Desktop, Paperspace, Teradici client, etc.

These offerings are available to use and pay for by the minute for development purposes, and they also enable scenarios where the number of servers can scale rapidly. Current TD licensing would be prohibitive (for example, if the need were to scale to hundreds of servers for a short period of time), or to use in a development workflow without being feature-constrained with lower licenses, or in violation of noncommercial license terms.

Please consider enabling more license options, as well as creating prebuilt machine images to further enable adoption of cloud workflows.


+1 on this.

One of our partners is a cloud-driven (AWS) creative distribution service that is really interested in TD integrations for their platform; a cloud licensing solution would help heaps.

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+1 on this!
I would really appreciate to have a cloud-based sloution for TD :slight_smile:

Me too. A virtual workstation license that works much like the current ones, but also an affordable and scalable engine/player license