Code completion in Python inputfields and editor

Having code completion in areas where you can use python would be a really big time saver, especially when I’m just quickly trying to type an expression in a Python input field of a parameter it can sometimes take a lot of trips back and forth to the documentation to find the name of a function.

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IPython would get us a lot of the way to the full-featured editor you’re proposing, and that already exists. I think it’s the best REPL I’ve seen, in any language.

I’ve not gotten any bites from Derivative asking about IPython in the past, though. I suspect the Python that runs inside TD is heavily-enough doctored that it would be difficult to drop a different system in.

It would already be cool if they at least suggest the functions that are added by TD. I’m also wondering if it would be complicated, the functionality already exists like you mentioned.

Yes, this is high on our list for a few years now, but we haven’t been able to start implementation - its a large task but we want it badly as well!