Collect All Assets component

Hey all,

Very quick and dirty ‘Collect All Assets’ component. It’s like a much simpler Collect all and save from Ableton, but without the saving or relinking assets part.

Only 2 parameters, you select the path you want all your assets to go to, then you hit copy and wait (it may look like TouchDesigner has crashed while it is copying, but sit tight).

A nice example of using OP Find DAT functionality to find all operators with a file path that has been changed from default, with some Python that calls Windows copy in cmd using Popen, for those who want to dig into the guts.

Future updates I think would be helpful to have some way of relinking all the assets after copying, or keeping the folder hierarchy of the files that are being copied, but this is more a brute force way of taking a project, and moving all of its assets to another machine in a pinch without forgetting files.

See the GitHub for more details.

Thanks Elburz!

This is very handy!

Thank you Elburz :slight_smile:

Quick note, i just updated it to add some really simple relinking of assets. I also added a warning to the github readme, since a lot of people use dynamic file parameters, or script asset changes, and this doesn’t look through scripts for any of that, it just grabs whatever is in the operator file path, and lists it as a dependancy. Relinking is pretty brute force , as well. I just overwrite whatever was in the parameter with the new path where the asset is, which could break some dynamic expressions by overwriting them.

Warnings aside, enjoy!

I think your links are broken on that

The nVC2 library isn’t available as its own product anymore. We’re still supporting folks who are on nVC2 Dev Plans, but otherwise we rolled the tools into the HQ PRO. If anyone is interested, they can learn more about the HQ PRO here: