Color Curves - 2020-06-18 17:53

Color Curves

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I love your Curves component, @Vasily! The methods you used were brilliant. I’ve always wanted color curves in Touch, super stoked to see you share this with the community.

I got so excited about it, I forked it and added some stuff, including:
-Widget-based UI
-Network optimizations
-A/B compare with interactive slider bar
-Intuitive render picking
-Snapping for start/end points
-Ramp interpolation options

Thanks again!
colorCurves-2.2.3.tox (188.5 KB)


This is cool, but its missing the bezier curve that was a nice touch

Thanks, the Smooth par applies a normal/bell curve via a Filter CHOP (Gaussian). Is this what you’re looking for?

ah cool, i missed that. Awesome, thanks for extending this

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Nice one, I added link to your component in assets too.

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This is great, very useful asset to have. Thanks for sharing.
I wish the lookupTOP had an option to sample values over 1. I struggle to find an elegant way to grade HDR images without clipping.

Yeah, we have a list of TOPs we want to add support for higher bit depths too. No timeframe but it is on our radar.

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