Color harmonizer

Hi everyone,

Im trying to make a simple color pallet harmonizer to generate color schemes, in order to do that I need certain hue angle offsets for each color harmony.

When I was doing the complementary relationship I’ve realize that the complementary color is not correct.

Ej, If I rotate red 180 degrees should be green but is not.

It seems like the green zone has a little offset in the color wheel.
I think its because touch uses RGB color wheel and not RYB.

Any idea on how to fix or convert that?

Thank you!!!
PalletGeneratorV2.toe (4.98 KB)

One option would be to just pick the colour from that wheel using a TOP to CHOP and rotating around the wheel that way.

Have you tried using the HSV Adjust TOP and it’s Hue Offset parameter?

Im using the HSV Adjust offset in the actual example, its a RGB wheel and should work for some color schemes but not for all.

Have been looking around about how to convert RGB to RYB values and it doesn’t look so simple.

Much more process but think going in this way.


Thanks for your help, I’ve solved it with a ramp and some lookup chops.
Here is the tox file.
PalletGenerator.tox (13.7 KB)